Hello fellow GoPro-ers.

How many of you have tried applying the use of a GoPro to music?

Not so long ago, I had to train a new guitarist for my band, the guy asked if I could make videos detailing the riffs of each track. At first I thought, what the hell?!?! But then I decided to get my GoPro out, set it up on a regular camera tripod, and gave it a whirl. I was amazed by the initial test run, and soon got it down to a fine art. The guitarist said these vids we’re the best learning tools hes ever had.

They are also great for creating promotional media, photos or video. Used in the same way as above, on a regular tripod for various POV positions, or using different GoPro mounts, capture some interesting angles. And theres 2 that I personally use a great deal.

The first is called JAWS, for the simple reason being, its a big spring loaded jaw clamp with a GoPro mount base built in, it also comes with a 20cm flexible extension. Now being a spring loaded clamp, I found, atleast for guitar mounting, it works best where the jaws are extended almost all the way, to ensure theres enough tension to stop it moving around. So for this reasons, I found it works well for mounting to the guitar body (upto 50mm). If placed behind the bridge, with the camera facing up inline with the strings, this gives a very powerful and unique camera angle. And dont worry about body damage, the jaws have rubber pads on them, so your guitar finish is very safe.

The second is simply called, THE JAM. Specifically made with musicians in mind, it features a screw operated jaw clamp, so you can ensure its fixed very tightly anywhere, and again, has rubber pads to protect guitar finishes. It also comes with a 26cm extension, and has 5 points of angle adjustment, to ensure you get your cam exactly where you want it. Due to the narrower clamp, and smaller bite height (23mm), I found this is the ideal mount for guitar head stocks, even for Jacksons and Ormsby’s, which are notorious for having super streamlined head stocks with little room for anything else. However, as shown in the photos, this clamps WILL find a place to bite no matter what shape the head stock is. Its a very rigid clamp system, so will provide great stable video footage, from even the most energetic guitarist!

Using these two systems, which can also be applied to other situations as well, can help you create fantastic promotional material, and used in conjunction with audience POV, and even drummer POV (using a head mount, not very stylish, but the footage is AMAZING), you can create some truly unique content when all angles are edited together.

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The GoPro JAMJAWS for GoPro


Author: Symbolic Group

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