GoPro smarter than DJI?

Greetings lovers of adventure!

One year ago, we saw the first real BATTLE OF THE DRONES take place between the seasoned gurus of drones, DJI, and new drone market entrants, GoPro.

Both released similar and amazing models in the Mavic Pro and the Karma, combining the need for a compact unit with the need for the latest in video technology. For myself, and for many other seasoned drone users, and new comers alike, DJI managed to edge out GoPro in THAT battle. But were we too short sighted? Did we not see GoPro’s long term play? It seems we missed something, that perhaps should have been more obvious.

This is because GoPro now have the only drone capable of shooting 4k@60fps and 1080@240fps, simply by releasing the Hero 6… Thus leaving DJI miles behind in the BATTLE OF THE DRONES, as DJI’s 2017 release in the compact adventure market is the Mavic Platinum, a slightly tricked up Mavic Pro with the exact same video resolutions…

Well played GoPro, well played…

And be sure to get all Hero 5 and 6 compatible accessories you need, including lens filters compatible with Karma use, HERE


Hero 6
Hero 6


Pro Gear


Author: Symbolic Group

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