DJI Mavic AIR spec sheet

With next to no warning, DJI has dropped its latest model to the adventure drone market! The Mavic AIR.

Having only seen one video of this models flight so far from YouTube vlogging legend and all round drone lover, Casey Neistat, the video quality looked great, and Neistat seemed to really dig the functionality of DJI’s latest offering to the drone market.

So after having a quick look over the spec sheets, heres the main points of interest:

  • 21 min flight time per battery
  • 2km flight range
  • 68kph top speed in sport mode (no mention of regular mode speeds)
  • 4k@30 max res

So as you can see, its no Mavic Platinum, but is nearly half the size! So if space/ weight is at a premium in your travel kit, and you dont anticipate needing long flights, then this will definitely be the bird for you! Check out the more detailed spec breakdown below for other features etc.

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Author: Symbolic Group

We love action cameras and drones!

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